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Connecting Strategy to Execution in a Complex Organization

How well is your organization executing on its vision and strategy? In his best-selling book “Built to Last,” business guru Jim Collins proposed that, “Building a visionary company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment.”But as a leader tasked with developing an effective execution plan for your organization, you know that this is much easier said than done. In this session, you will learn how Cisco Systems, a $48+ billion company with multiple inter-related businesses and more than 70,000 employees, has simplified the corporate planning process to create effective alignment and drive results.

Patrick tam
Patrick Tam
Director, Corporate Planning & Chief Operations Officer
Patrick K. Tam leads corporate planning at Cisco. This encompasses driving 3-year and annual corporate strategic planning, identifying corporate priorities, and funding of multi-year investments. A 14-year Cisco veteran, Patrick and his teams are known for innovation and high-impact execution, earning a number of key honors including being named a Top 5 PMO in the industry. Outside of Cisco, Patrick serves on the advisory board of the Association for Strategy Planning and has been a member of the PMI Executive Council and Gartner’s Business Value Board. Patrick holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from University of California, Berkeley and has completed Executive Programs from Stanford and Harvard School of Business.

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