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Competitive Intelligence in Global Oil and Gas

The competitive environment for oil and gas exploration and production is a complex one. Companies compete fiercely for access to resources across the globe, but they also combine their expertise and financial capacity to develop ever bigger and more difficult projects. Having an effective an successful Competitive Intelligence function can give companies an edge on understanding and navigating complex environments.

Julio Dal Poz
Strategy Manager, Global Strategy and Business Development

Julio Dal Poz is the head of Transaction Support at Statoil’s Global Strategy and Business Development team in London. He has an Executive MBA from the London Business School and more than 12 years of experience leading business development projects and performing commercial, strategic and political analysis for the oil and gas industry. His main focus is on Exploration and Production (E&P) portfolio management and acquisition and divestment (M&A) projects. Julio joined Statoil after 8 years of consulting experience in the energy industry in Brazil, the UK and the Middle-East.

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