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With continuing advancements in data capture and storage, vast amounts of data are stored and analysed by performance analysts and coaches at all levels of sport. The coaching products offered by Hawk-Eye are pushing the boundaries of capturing the data (‘the what’) and combining it with the video (‘the why’) in a seamlessly synchronised manner. This allows for a real-time coaching tool to aid immediate feedback to coaches and players by providing truly insightful analysis of the captured data. Examples of the coaching tool in action will be demonstrated.  

Innovation and pushing boundaries is part of the Hawk-Eye ethos, and consequently the company is continually moving into new sports including Badminton, Horse Racing, NASCAR and Athletics within the past year alone. Which sports will benefit next? 

Jouni Ronkainen
Senior Product Manager

Dr Jouni Ronkainen sits on the Senior Management Team at Hawk-Eye Innovations leading the Coaching and Simulator divisions of the business. He is tasked with managing research, design, development, testing, quality control, delivery and commercialisation of all new products in these targeted sectors. Working in a global market using multi-disciplinary teams and engaging with internal and external key stakeholders underpins his role. Jouni has a strong technical research, development and commercial background in the sports and leisure sectors with both industry and academic experience. He is passionate about playing a wide range of sports, particularly football and squash.   

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