Chiquita's CPM Turnaround Strategy

For more than 100 years, Chiquita has been a recognized market leader in the global distribution of bananas and a globally iconic food brand.  Nonetheless, Chiquita experienced a significant decrease in profitability following a business strategy focused on branded diversification and innovation. This presentation will look at the choice structuring process Chiquita initiated in 2012 to align on a strategic and operational strategy to improve efficiency and competitive positioning by focusing its resources on core banana and salad businesses. In addition, it will recap key ingredients in a turnaround and lessons learned at the one year mark in executing our strategy.

Rick frier
Rick Frier
Chief Financial Officer

As Chiquita’s EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Rick is responsible for all aspects of the company’s worldwide financial operations and Chiquita Fruit Solutions and TransFresh units. Rick is a financial and operational executive in consumer, retail, technology, information services and manufacturing organizations. He has successfully helped organizations grow and turn around their businesses.

Prior to Chiquita, he served as Chief Financial Officer and Board Director of Catalina Marketing Corporation, a global leader in behavior based, data analytics marketing. 

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