Changing Hollywood Paradigms with Analytics

Legendary Entertainment, the company behind movies such as the Dark Knight trilogy, the Hangover series, Inception, both 300 movies, The Town, Man of Steel, and Godzilla, is at the forefront of applying analytics in the entertainment industry.  Legendary uses analytics to put its content in the best position to succeed, whether evaluating ideas and concepts to produce or utilizing micro-targeting to identify, reach, and persuade the precise audience.  Proprietary, commercial-grade software constantly analyzes unique, extensive data across people, social media, and content.  The presentation will delve into Legendary’s application of analytics across its business.

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Matt Marolda
Chief Analytics Officer

Matthew Marolda is Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Entertainment.  He formed and runs Legendary’s Applied Analytics division, which uses data and analytics to drive strategic decisions across all aspects of the company.Prior to Legendary, Mr. Marolda founded StratBridge LLC in 1999.  StratBridge had two software solutions businesses: “moneyball” player analysis software used by many organizations in the NFL, NBA, European Football and Major League Soccer (sold to XOS Digital in 2012), and dynamic pricing and revenue analysis software used by many professional sports teams (acquired by Legendary in 2014, after Mr. Marolda had joined Legendary). He earned his MBA at the Tuck School at Dartmouth where he won the Adams Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. Mr. Marolda graduated from Bowdoin College with Honors, earning majors in economics and mathematics and a minor in art history.

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