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Challenges of IoT Value Proposition – “It’s Not Big Data”

While the promise of business innovation and value out of IoT and Analytics is exciting, real and tangible; the roadblock is not what most businesses may be thinking. While the challenges of NoSQL Platforms, data sciences and manpower are obvious, the strategies and technologies emerging in that space are starting to address those challenges. However, the real roadblock of value creation from IoT Analytics is acting on real-time information using the legacy operational systems. The legacy ETP and other operational systems were never designed to facilitate decision making on real-time information and without rewriting their core business process logic, they cannot step-up to handle IoT data.

The session will explain the analytical decision making process at the crux of IoT promise and then explain the upcoming roadblock of extracting value. It will then provide mitigation strategies to tackle these challenges in early stages of IoT deployment.

Nauman sheikh
Nauman Sheikh
Enterprise Data Architect

Nauman Sheikh is a veteran of the data architecture profession who has built dozens of large scale operational, data warehouse and analytics systems over the last 18 years. He has worked in three continents solving business challenges in consumer credit, risk, fraud and direct marketing areas dealing with a variety of cultural, technological and legal challenges surrounding data and its use. He is a hands-on practitioner with skills ranging from data warehousing to predictive modeling to analytics driven business decisions and their audit and control frameworks. He is the author of a recently published book “Implementing Analytics: A Blueprint for Design, Development & Adoption”. He has worked with companies like Experian, Fidelity Information Systems, Navistar and Exelon. He lives near Washington D.C in USA.

Nauman Sheikh
Enterprise Data Architect

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