Case Study: Honing Corporate Strategy Using Sound Financials

Matthew Formica joined a small team in late December 2013 supporting Intel’s then-new CEO, Brian Krzanich, as he worked through the next level of detail on his strategy with Intel’s Board of Directors. This work involved a comprehensive review of Intel’s competitive advantages, a look at semiconductor and computing device trends, full 5-year company financials reflecting the CEO’s industry point of view, an analysis of emerging risks to the company, and an assessment of non-organic moves building on the baseline strategy.

In this case study, Matthew will review the role Finance played in the process and highlight several best-known-methods for FP&A, strategy, and Finance business influence emerging from the team’s successes and challenges.

Matthew formica
Matthew Formica

Matthew Formica is a Finance Controller at Intel. Since he started in August 2009, Matthew has held various Strategy & Finance positions. His current role involves developing Intel's corporate strategy in consultation with Intel’s CEO & CFO, including overall company strategy/financials, technology industry direction-casting, potential M&A opportunities, make vs buy analysis, industry risks & outcomes and competitive analysis. His prior roles at Intel include managing finance teams providing FP&A for Intel’s Software & Services Group as well as strategy, budget & M&A for Intel’s Real Sense technology group (3D camera, voice & gesture recognition).

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