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Capacity Planning For Strategy Execution

Too often, strategies are created with a little understanding of the capacity of the organization to execute. Traditional methods of cascading objectives and KPIs down the organization or translating objectives into projects are not enough. Such methods often result in resistance because of the failure to understand what the organization is already expected to deliver. The Quality Assurance department at GSK Vaccines in Belgium has developed a process and tool for ensuring all team managers can clearly, accurately and uniformly engage with senior management to communicate:

·  What is the team’s capacity

·  How is the team currently using its capacity

·  What will be the impact of a change in strategy

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Rodney Whale
Senior Manager, QA - Site Projects

Rodney Whale is responsible for business capacity management for GSK Vaccines Quality Assurance Belgium.  He has worked with numerous groups across GSK including manufacturing, treasury, communications & compliance to create strategy, implement change projects and improve business operations.  He holds an MBA, earned with distinction, from York University and is a Canadian CPA.

Rodney Whale
Senior Manager, QA - Site Projects

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