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Can News be Automated?

In mid-2014, The Associated Press announced it would use technology from Automated Insights to automate corporate earnings stories. The reaction was dramatic, and many wondered: What will happen to the humans? Given automation’s current uses and future promise, AP editors will explore the evolving role that humans will play in the newsmaking process as journalists find innovative ways to present news and information with the help of machines and consumers derive dramatic benefits from personalized automated content.

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Justin Myers
News Automation Editor

Justin Myers is the news automation editor for The Associated Press, where he identifies new automation opportunities and implements some of them as a developer. He holds degrees in journalism and engineering, and he previously analyzed data and built interactives for  The Chronicle of Higher Education and the PBS NewsHour. 

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Philana Patterson
Assistant Business Editor

Philana Patterson is Assistant Business Editor at The Associated Press in New York where she helps oversee AP’s daily business news report, enterprise efforts and strategic initiatives across digital, video and print platforms. In 2014, Patterson implemented AP’s automation of corporate earnings stories. Prior to the AP, Patterson ran, the website of Black Enterprise magazine and reported for Bloomberg News, Dow Jones Newswires, The Daily Press in Newport News, Va, and  The Greenville News in Greenville, S.C

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