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Building A Culture Of Data

I will talk about how to distribute and ensure a high-performing data science function in a global organization. Technical challenges we must tackle include how to make our data understandable without too much effort as well how to make the data retrieval process as smooth as possible in order to maximize the use of data. Besides the technical challenges, we must also work on the cultural aspects. We must build a Culture of Data. Leveraging our technical achievements, we will discuss how to deliver consistent and correct use of data, and how to empower both Data Science as well as Analytical teams to have a greater business impact.

Andreas Granström
Chief Data Officer
Andreas is the Chief Data Scientist at FinAccel. He is a data scientist with a pragmatic approach to problem solving and experience in designing, implementing and deploying advanced machine learning systems. His background is in Theoretical Computer Science, and his passion for Science and Algorithms quickly lead him to the field of Data Science. Since, he has worked on a wide set of problems in online and mobile advertising, such as optimization, real-time click-prediction and educating business on Data Science.
Andreas Granström
Principal Data Scientist

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