Branding In The Open

Brand managers are no longer in control of the brand but the consumer. Social media has managed to shift the power to consumers and thus ended marketing as we know it. Mary looks at how this happened, why this happened and how companies shouldn't run away screaming like that may want to but learn to embrace it and work out how to cope with this change. 

Mary Ellen Muckerman
VP, Brand Strategy and Services
As VP of Brand Strategy, Mary Ellen is responsible for helping people understand why it’s important that the Internet is healthy, open and accessible, Mozilla’s role in igniting that movement, and Firefox’s unique advantage as the only independent browser. A seasoned marketer with over 25 years experience, prior to joining Mozilla, Mary Ellen spent several years leading the strategy team at Wolff Olins, a global brand consultancy, and learned the retail ropes in brand marketing roles at Target Stores, regional marketing at McDonald’s and store management at The May Company Department Stores.
Mary Muckerman
VP, Brand Strategy and Services

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