Cryptocurrencies 101: What the Heck is a Dogecoin?

You may have heard terms like 'Bitcoin' and 'cryptocurrency' bantered about, but never knew exactly what they meant.  What are these currencies?  How did one go from the ideation stage to creation to sponsoring an Olympics bobsled team... in less than two months?  "Cryptocurrencies 101: What the Heck is a Dogecoin?" will provide an overview to the nascent world of digital currency.  The presentation assumes no prior knowledge; hear about different digital currencies, who is using them and the business opportunities they present.

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Al Blazek

Al Blazek’s financial commentary has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CFO Magazine and on National Public Radio.  He is the CFO of Dunham's Sports, a sporting goods retailer with more than 200 stores in 17 states.  Al’s prior experience includes stints at P&G, Walmart, Capital One and Whirlpool.  He has served on the Board of several for- and non-profit organizations, most recently at Spyra, an Apple and Android gaming app company.  Al received his MBA from The Ohio State University and a BS from the University of Mount Union.  He lives in Lake Orion, Michigan with his wife Susan and six extremely energetic boys.

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