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Revolutionizing UX With Actionable Interfaces

Let’s stop pretending that people won’t do things on mobile. Let’s stop pretending that mobile is some beast that we need to solve for separately from any other experience. Let’s stop pretending that it’s going to be the last design shift we’re ever going to experience. When we think of the mobile context today, we might mean a touch-enabled screen, or a slow network, or someone standing on a train with their laptop balanced on their forearms. All we actually know is that we no longer have an excuse to give our users every piece of information and let them figure out what they need.

As the internet continues to permeate every device that we own, we need to become more economical with not only our bandwidth but also our users’ attention. We need to create interfaces that are actionable. We need to design our experiences in such a way that the exact information needed is prioritized first, or that it is obvious what the user needs to do to get to that information. Consider your user to simply be a decision engine. This is an opportunity that allows us to take the lessons learned from traditionally mobile experiences overtaking legacy desktop experiences and use them to create design patterns that don’t just affect small devices, but the architecture of any system that can be accessed online.

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Bill Hinderman
Vice President of Product

Bill Hinderman is the VP of Product at Vaystays, a B2C vacation rental market-network where 100% of the listings are verified, professionally managed, and instantly bookable. He has previously led site optimization and experimentation engineering at Raise Marketplace, Expedia Inc., and Orbitz Worldwide, where his team and he were responsible for creating both the framework and mindset around lightweight A/B experimentation within those companies’ web experiences. 

Bill is also the author of Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web, a book on the processes of building code-driven data visualization upon the principles of responsive web design.

Bill Hinderman
Lead Site Optimization UI Engineer

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