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Big Data is the buzz. But how do you separate the nonsense from real business value? Learn how the analysts at Time Inc. are providing advertisers and agencies with an ability to move well beyond the cartoon caricatures they historically had to rely on to understand their customers. By combining capabilities at the intersection of Data Science, Mathematics and Psychology – with the unique insights that come from a database that includes audience insights into over 150 million adults – the geeks at Time Inc. are reinventing marketing; and developing tools that will change the way you understand, predict, and influence consumer behaviors.

JT Kostman
Chief Data Officer
Dr. JT Kostman is the Chief Data Officer for Time Inc. A highly respected thought leader on the strategic utilization of data, Dr. Kostman brings deep insight into consumer behavior through his experiences as a Data Scientist, Mathematician and Psychologist. Since the dawn of the Big Data Revolution, Dr. Kostman's teams have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge capabilities that have fundamentally changed the way businesses treat digital media marketing, loyalty and retention, data mining, and consumer insights. His team’s successes have significantly improved digital marketing at Digitas; information gathering for several US intelligence agencies; social media analyses and insights for the Obama 2012 presidential campaign; and bottom-line results for a wide-range of Fortune 500 companies.

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