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Is Big Data Pharma's Phoenix?

The pharmaceutical industry has been plagued with increasing challenges in the recent years, such as broad genericization, payor controls and challenges to clinically differentiate new products. Advances in data availability and analytic techniques are creating opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry to modernize our commercial approach to address these challenges, and yet we still trail the finance and retail sector in our strategic use of data. This presentation will explore what data we have available today and offer options to enhance our data capabilities to provide a more analytical approach to marketing. We will specifically consider how we can redesign our current targeting and segmentation approach in order to understand “customer receptivity, “ and therefore, provide a better engagement strategy for both our Salesforce and our customers. The key question we will explore is - in a science-driven industry, does big data allow our marketing to become as cutting edge as our science?

Gillian Cannon
SVP, Commercial Strategy & Analysis

Gillian Cannon is Senior Vice President of Customer Strategy and Analytics at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.  She has 29 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Global, US and European roles.  Gillian has held senior leadership positions at Merck and Otsuka across a broad range of disciplines including Market Access, Outcomes Research, Sales, Marketing, and Strategy Development.  In addition to her commercial experience, Gillian has a demonstrated track record of successfully implementing new business initiatives. Gillian holds an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Health Administration from Temple University.

Gillian Cannon
SVP, Commercial Strategy & Analysis

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