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Big Data, Big BIM, Big Deal

In his presentation, Big Data, Big BIM, Big Deal, Darren will explore the opportunities for innovation in building design and construction and facilities management through the utilization of big data and building information modeling (BIM). The potential for understanding the finite information in a building during design & construction transfers directly to the finite information in a building during operation. This data set provides ongoing understanding of the building / facility’s performance including energy, carbon footprint, building safety, space utilization, ongoing maintenance and all mapped to time and money. Building design has always involved large quantities of data, however now with big data and BIM, we are poised to access, analyze and act upon it as a whole.

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Darren Rizza
Chief Digital Officer

Darren joined Space Matrix Group in 2011 to provide strategic leadership to the group’s companies. He is a business-driven, entrepreneurial board level executive with demonstrated experience in planning, developing, and implementing innovative information and design technology solutions to address business opportunities and growth in highly creative and design oriented settings. A thought leader in the building design industry for knowledge management and information technology, he posses solid technical training, team coaching, project management and is a customer service expert with a strong ability to connect with non-technical users.

Darren holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.

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