Big data

Big Data at Etsy

Etsy has increased its business velocity with Big Data. This talk will cover the history of Big Data at Etsy, the technologies used, the benefits and what we're planning for the future.
Chris Bohn
Senior Database Engineer

Mr. Bohn has been in the tech industry for more than 25 years, and has held a wide variety of positions. After graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, he spent his early years in the field as a C programmer. He then moved into technical product management at Broderbun Software before co-founding a successful startup during the Web 1.0 years. During the 2000s, he was a database consultant, specializing in migrating customers to open source relational databases. He has been with since 2007, where he has played a major role in managing and scaling its production relational databases through a period rapid growth. Etsy became a Vertica customer in 2012, and Mr. Bohn is currently the Senior Database Engineer responsible for managing the Vertica installation and integration into the Etsy Data Analytics stack. He is the principal developer of the Schlep ETL replicator, a system for replicating data from relational databases into Vertica.

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