Beyond Bad Strategy: Finding Focus Amid Digital Distractions

As business contends with unparalleled disruptions led by the lightning fast evolution of customer engagement, how can companies find focus?  Learn how to avoid the digital distractions that lead to bad strategy.

Robert rinderle
Bob Rinderle
Global Digital Leader

Bob leads global digital marketing for GE Healthcare’s $18 billion enterprise and directs all customer-facing digital initiatives across the company’s 12 regional and product P&Ls. Since joining GE Healthcare in 2009, Bob has championed the transformation of customer engagement by leveraging digital to disrupt and unlock economic value and goodwill trapped inside legacy commercial channels. 

As a member of GE’s Digital Advisory Board, Bob is leading the push for digital excellence at the highest levels of this Fortune 10 Company. Bob has been a featured panelist, contributor, and keynote speaker for industry organizations including the BMA, eMarketer, IAB, and MediaPost.

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