Digital Disruption Where It Is Needed Most

Digital technology is revolutionizing the insurance industry. Increasingly it’s how customers want to do business with us. We need to re-invent the customer relationship, keeping customers closer, for longer. The insurance industry has been slow to embrace new technologies and digital approaches. Unlike our counterparts in the retail or even banking sectors, we are yet to be significantly disrupted. However, we are approaching a turning point where digital disruption in insurance is really starting to accelerate. Rapidly emerging trends in the use of data will revolutionise not only how we engage with our customers but also our role in the fintech landscape.

Andrew brem aviva headshot
Andrew Brem
Chief Digital Officer

Andrew joined Aviva in 2014 as Chief Digital Officer and is a member of the Group Executive. Andrew is accountable for driving Aviva’s group-wide digital transformation which will have a significant impact on every aspect of our interactions with customers, including product innovation and development, distribution, communication, claims handling, and marketing and branding across social media and the internet. Andrew works in close partnership with the chief information officer and with the business CEOs who build and deliver product solutions to the customer. Coming from outside the insurance industry, Andrew brings a fresh perspective to Aviva. Andrew has held significant e-commerce and digital leadership roles. As managing director, commercial & product development, at British Gas he created a Connected Homes division and launched a new brand, Hive, focusing on opportunities in the ‘Internet of Things’. 

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