Activating Consumer Digital Experiences With 'Wearables'

The wrist is getting all the attention in the wearables conversation. While this raises new consumer awareness, Adidas has been developing wearables for over a decade and is now pioneering into the invisible wearable space. This will require new consumer learning and opens up new ways to deliver value.

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Jon Werner
Innovation Explorer

Jon works at the intersection of digital and sport to identify opportunities for innovation, to connect with external partners to develop new technologies and to bridge the gap from emerging technology into simple, meaningful consumer benefits and experiences. He previously was the founder of a mobile fitness company, Bones in Motion, which adidas acquired in 2009. Prior to that, Jon has been a key member of 4 start-ups and served time at IBM as a software architect. He has 3 beautiful daughters and just celebrated his 29th wedding anniversary to his lovely wife and resides in Austin, TX.

Jon Werner
Innovation Explorer

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