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Getting To The Coalface Faster: Learning From Practical AI Use Cases

As AI moves beyond the hype and into everyday reality, we’d like to show you the art of the possible to help you understand and apply AI in your own business.

The presentation provided delegates with the opportunity to see AI use cases based on the OpenText Magellan next-generation cognitive platform. These were real-life examples of applied applications based on customer requests and common business pain points. They’re designed to show you how AI and Analytics can optimize customer engagement, improve processes, and streamline operations by leveraging Machine Learning and advanced analysis.

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John Riglar
Senior Technical Consultant, OpenText Analytics

John has been involved with Business intelligence, reporting and Analytics software for 25 years. Worked in International supporting partners, system integrators and customers showing the business benefits of technology. An experienced presenter and demonstrations of the various ways information can be delivery to the business expertise gained through working across many different industries. Focused on architecting tightly integrated BI solutions for global OEM’s.

John is a Senior Technical Consultant for OpenText Analytics and Reporting.

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