A World With More Birthdays

One hundred years ago, the American Cancer Society began the fight of a lifetime – the fight against cancer. A lot has changed since then. Many cancers have gone from deadly to treatable, and from treatable to preventable: The progress we’ve made is remarkable. The American Cancer Society has been involved in nearly every major cancer breakthrough but few people really know all that we do. In 2008 we set out to blow the dust off our legacy brand, through insights based on a universal truth – that everyone loves birthdays, especially people with a cancer connection. Thus we became “The Official Sponsor of Birthdays,” a promise grounded in our history of saving lives. This is the story of the American Cancer Society as it marks its 100th birthday, and our determination to make this cancer’s last century.

Andy goldsmith
Andy Goldsmith
Vice President, Creative Strategy

Andy Goldsmith is vice president, creative strategy for the American Cancer Society. His responsibilities include nationwide advertising, art direction, production services, and multimedia. Andy brings more than 30 years of professional experience to the American Cancer Society. Immediately prior, he provided independent marketing consulting in the branding and sales training disciplines. Before that, Andy spent 17 years in advertising agency account management. At T.G. Madison in Atlanta, he headed the account management function and counseled clients such as MetLife, the LPGA, and the American Cancer Society. 

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