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A Buzzfeed Program On Mortgages? Why, Yes We Did!

The leap from hosting a social media presence to conducting social business is strategically and operationally complicated in businesses governed by state and federal regulations.  Learn how U.S. Bank was able to leverage a solid social foundation built to satisfy rigorous compliance and governance standards  and find innovative ways to appeal to its growth segments and spark new conversations around sometimes stressful life events.  (A Buzzfeed program on mortgages?  Why, yes we did!)

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Karina Taylor
Manager, Social Media Performance

Karina is responsible for building and measuring data-driven social media initiatives for the US Bank, using analytics, social monitoring tools and reporting to identify trends and strategic opportunities. Her skills include Executive Leadership, Sales and Marketing Strategy, SEO, Social Media, Local Marketing, Online Advertising, Business Development, E-mail Marketing, Branding, E-commerce and Start-up Consulting.

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