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What magazines can learn from book publishers—and what book publishers have to learn from magazines. While other digital mediums struggle to put the monetization genie back in the bottle, print and digital books remain—more than 500 years later—bundles consumers will pay for. The challenge for book publishers? Reaching customers directly, which magazine circulation departments mastered long ago.  Brian Perrin and Jim Hanas, two book-publishing professionals at the intersection of commerce and audience development, discuss what they know—and what they still need to learn.

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Jim Hanas
Director, Audience Development

Jim Hanas joined HarperCollins as the company’s first director of audience development in 2013. He previously served as social media editor at The New York Observer and director of social media at NYC & Company, New York City’s official marketing agency. A longtime journalist and writer, he has written about media and marketing for Advertising Age, Communication Arts, and Fast Company.

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