Reaching The Next Generation Of Content Consumers

Younger people are sharing content less through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and more through more private, erasable content channels such as WhatsApp, Vine and Snapchat. ·  Privacy on social media networks is becoming more important and young people are less interested in leaving a lasting impression. ·  How should publishers adapt to ensure they continue to reach and attract the next generation of consumers and encourage them to engage with content. How, when future consumers want to leave a more fleeting impression, can social media be best utilized by publishers to build a lasting brand and relationship?

Cindy jeffers
Cindy Jeffers

Cindy Jeffers is the CEO and CTO of, the leading progressive news site. Prior to Salon she served as Technical Director at The Huffington Post through a period of substantial growth in traffic and revenue and an acquisition by AOL. In the preceding decade she designed interactive experiences for museums installations, retail environments, touchscreens, games, websites, digital signage, mobile phones, and kiosks. 

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