The Power Of Visualization In Data Analytics

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Traditional analysis involves churning through datasets to prove or disprove a hypothesis and then building standard metrics to support the story the analyst already has in mind. However, this is slow, incredibly costly and results in a myopic view of the value of the data.

This presentation will provide you a framework that combines design thinking and data visualization to quickly conduct exploratory analysis, gather insights from the data and build products that reduce time to market and add business value.

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Anand Balasubramanian
VP, Data Management & Visualization

Anand is the VP of Data Management and Visualization at Goldman Sachs. He currently leads a team of analysts and visualization experts to lead high visibility projects for operationalizing data. Anand has expertise in using design thinking and agile methodologies to define, build an iterate various data products.

Before Goldman, Anand had over 15 years experience working at Capital One where he led a team of Data Scientists and Analysts who leveraged emerging Big Data technologies to build cutting edge data products to enhance customer experience and reduce time to market.

Anand has an MS in Operations Research from Penn State and a Global Executive MBA from Duke.

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