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Why Innovation Enterprise

Align Your Brand With Senior Level Executives

We exist to share knowledge and content. Primarily shared through 8 online channels, we deliver new articles, interviews, presentations, whitepapers, eBooks and webinars to our audience daily. First and foremost, we segment our audience into one of 8 main channels based on the content they consume:

  1. Big Data
  2. Analytics
  3. Finance
  4. Strategy
  5. Innovation
  6. Digital
  7. Operations
  8. Sports

Next, this information is used to select and deliver the most relevant information to the user, maximising engagement through a variety of mediums including email newsletters, live events & conferences, whitepapers & webinars, on-demand videos & training, and more. The user’s reading & content-consumption habits are used to build and develop audience profiles.

Finally, and most importantly, we provide a plethora of advertising & lead-gen programs for our partners looking to engage and connect with these industry and business executives.

A few facts & stats about Innovation Enterprise:

  • We organise and host 100+ webinars each year.
  • We will deliver 140+ global summits throughout 2016.
  • We market 250+ whitepapers and industry reports every year.
  • By the end of 2016 we’ll have delivered over 200,000 leads to our clients.
  • To date, we’ve produced over 6,000 executive led talks & presentations; all available through Innovation Enterprise On Demand.
  • We will organise and market more than 50 bespoke partner events and workshops this year.

Digital Channels & Sections

Join the leading global voice in enterprise innovation providing access to 7 distinct content channels, 9 CxO channels & over 30 sections.


Big Data

The impact & application of data, technology & visualization to business & societyData Security / Hadoop / Internet of Things / Visualization / Machine Learning & AI / Cloud / Cognitive Computing/ Data /Privacy / NoSQL / In-Memory


Information on making better decisions & growing a business using analytics & data science.Big Data / Predictive Analytics / Data Science / Storytelling / CIO / Rich Media Analytics / Intelligent Augmentation / NLP / Mobile Analytics


Information on growing a business in todays digital & mobile revolution.Publishing / Marketing / Design / Mobile / Advertising


How strategy leaders execute on big projects to achieve great results.CSO / Strategic Planning / Tactics / People / Leadership


The leading global voice for innovation in the enterprise.CINO / Innovation Culture / Ideation / Innovation Pipeline / Open Innovation / Technological Trends


The largest, most established community of senior finance executives.CFO / FP&A / Treasury / Risk & Compliance / Technology / Accounting


Harnessing the knowledge of the most forwardthinking supply chain & operations leaders.Supply Chain / S&OP / CSCO / Inventory / Logistics

CxO Channels

Dedicated to the most influential leaders in business, especially CxO executives.

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Data Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Chief Digital Officer

Audience Demographic

6,368,000 members and growing



Media channels


Media geography


Media seniority


Media industry

# of Employees

Media employees

Company Revenue

Media company revenue

Channel Takeovers

Exclusive Sponsored Channels & Sections

When you want to show your expertise on a topic or subject area, there’s simply no better way than a channel takeover. We will completely customize a section of our site with your company’s branding.

All posts within the channel will also have your name associated with them for the duration of your sponsorship.

Includes 100% SOV, customized channel skins designed and two weekly sponsored posts.

Sponsored channel
Sponsored section
Sponsor TypePrice per WeekPrice per Month
Sponsored Channel£5,000 £18,000
Sponsored Tag£4,000 £12,000
Ad UnitRate
Channel Site Skin£200 CPM

CxO Channel Takeovers

Exclusive Sponsored CxO Channels

When you want to target the C-Level executive, you need to place your brand in front of them through a CxO channel takeover. We will completely customize a section of our site with your company’s branding.

All posts within the channel will also have your name associated with them for the duration of your sponsorship.

Includes 100% SOV, customized channel skins designed and 2 weekly sponsored posts.

Sponsored cxo

CxO Channels include

Cxo channels
Sponsor TypePrice per Month
CxO Channels£22,000

Native Advertising

Content based advertising with the ad format matching both the form and function of our regular content. Ads blend in well with the native site design, appear less intrusive, and are more likely to engage the user.

Native Advertisement Specifications

Native ad desc
Ad UnitsDimensionsRate
XL Rectangle Banner952 x 280$70 CPM
Medium Rectangle300 x 180$60 CPM

Conversational Advertising

Sponsored Article

Sponsor a post about a certain topic that is relevant to your brand and interesting to our audience. Choose to write the content or our experienced editorial team will work with you to find relevant material.

Leads generated can be shared on a weekly basis.

Sponsor TypePrice
Featured & Sponsored Article £3,000 / per week
Sponsored Article£2,000 / per article
Native ad laptop

Channel Voice & Microsite

When you want to demonstrate your expertise within the topic or subject area, there’s no better way than through a channel takeover or dedicated channel microsite.

Channel Takeover

  • Complete takeover of one Innovation Enterprise Channel for 1 month.
  • All posts within Channel will have your brand’s name associated.
  • 100% share-of-voice, including design of customised site skin.
  • Two weekly sponsored posts (articles & content, whitepapers & webinars, etc.).
  • Up to 3 ad units available.


  • A complete, bespoke & integrated content-sharing microsite Channel for 1 month.
  • Microsite features promoted through all relevant Innovation Enterprise Channels.
  • Utilises the same platform as used by Innovation Enterprise editors and contributors.
  • 100% share-of-voice, including design of customised site skin.
  • Dynamically promoted through online, social & email marketing.
  • Lead-gen capabilities through gated content (articles & content, whitepapers & webinars, etc.).

Authors & Experts

We love (good) content. With Innovation Enterprise producing 70-100 industry reports, interviews, news articles and webcasts every month, we’re always looking for new authors & subject-matter experts to join forces with.

As an author and/or expert, you are given full access to create & release your own material and utilise Innovation Enterprise’s platforms to share your awesome content (including all the standard social sharing options).

Price-wise, we don’t charge for vendor-neutral industry content. We are happy to provide this platform to share your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise. If your material includes promotional aspects there may be an advertising fee required.

Display Advertising (Specs & Rate Card)

Marketing is the lifeblood of every (good) business. There are many ways to get your marketing message across; don’t underestimate the value of digital advertising, and always remember: strategic placement of ads is most critical.

Digital display advertising is available through multiple banner options on any of the Innovation Enterprise Channel sites.

Ad units available

Ad UnitsDimensionPrice
Leaderboard970 x 90$50CPM
XL Rectangle952 x 280$50CPM
Large Rectangle652 x 304$45CPM
Medium Rectangle300 x 280$40CPM
Welcome Ad640 x 480$4000 per week
5-second Interstitialn/a$100 CPM

Formats accepted: GIF, JPEG, PNG, SWF (Flash) and third party rich media tags (Javascript, iframe) creative assets required 3 business days prior

Channel Site Skin Specs

Channels site skin


Reach out to and engage with our executive audience through any one of our email newsletter programs. Each channel has a monthly newsletter, and each newsletter generally includes the following structure:

  1. Top stories
  2. New & trending content
  3. Upcoming live & online events
  4. Expert of the month
Big Data94,000+
Package / Ad UnitDimensionsPrice
Entire Newsletter Sponsorshipn/a$5,000
Sponsored Articlen/a$2,000
Expert of the Monthn/a$2,000
"Sponsored By" Logo90 x 40$40 CPM
Leaderboard Banner560 x 66$35 CPM
Wide Banner A560 x 80$30 CPM
Wide Banner B560 x 110$35 CPM

Job Listings

Need to fill roles within your organisation? The Innovation Enterprise Channels provide some lucrative opportunities to connect with a huge network of executives across the globe.

  • Full job description and details promoted for 1 month.
  • Ability to link “Apply Now” button to third-party landing page.
  • Discounts available for multiple positions.
$200per month

Vendor Directories

The vendor directory provides the best online location to present your solutions to a focussed audience base of prospects, generating a high visibility return on a low investment over a 12 month period.

  • Company listing: name, logo, 100 word overview, social handles, website URL.
  • Product listings: up to 5 company products / services listed.
  • Reviews: up to 8 initial third-party company reviews ported. Additional direct user reviews added.
  • Lead capture: ability to purchase captured leads at soft lead purchase rates.
$1,000per year


Creating User Engagement Across All Media

Our magazines represent the best of our extended content, designed to capture the imagination of our readers and convey news in a more aesthetic way. Offering flexibility of consumption, they can be read on any smart device, desktop or even hardcopy. We aim to offer unparalleled levels of engagement on whichever format they choose, through our high level interviews, features and latest news stories.

  • Five magazines to service our varied and informed audiences
Magazines img
  • An engagement that can be maintained offline through our printed options.
  • Easily shareable and interactive in-depth industry interviews and features.
  • Each page is designed by our dedicated design team to create the best possible layout for reading and aesthetics.
Advert SpecsPrice
Half Page£800
Self Written Editorial£800
500 Word Advertorial£1000
Full Page Advert In Magazine£1500

Summits & Conferences

Produced By Innovation Enterprise

We provide a huge range of opportunities to sponsor & participate in over 140 events across North America, Europe & Asia. Event sizes range from intimate networking summits of 50-60 senior executives, all the way up to multi-track 1,000+ attendee events. Our top five reasons why sponsoring an event is a brilliant marketing strategy:

  • Raise the profile of your organisation and its key personnel.
  • Drive brand awareness over a full conference marketing campaign.
  • Access some of the best and brightest minds within your industry.
  • Connect with thought-leaders and gain insight into future trends.
  • Leverage lucrative lead generation opportunities.

View our full Global Summit Calendar.

A sample list of sponsorship opportunities is outlined below. For more details please click here to view the full Sponsor Pack.

For a list of summits view our calendar

LevelDiamondPlatinumGoldPanel SessionWorkshopRoundtable
General Session PresenceBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot--
Break Out Session PresenceBlue dotBlue dot--Blue dotBlue dot
Chairperson PresenceBlue dot-----
Staff Summit Pass1086444
Client Summit Pass642---
Speaker Summit Pass331411
Full Delegate Contact DetailsBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot---
Booth SpaceBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot
Delegate Bag InsertBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot
Delegate Seat DropBlue dot-----
Magazine AdvertisementBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot---
Online BrandingBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot
Onsite BrandingBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot
Delegate Registration Discount30%30%20%20%20%20%
Social Media PromotionBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot---
Company DescriptionBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot
Networking Drinks ExposureBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dotBlue dot

Custom Events

Global Brand Experiences

This is our bread & butter. We were born as event organisers in the midst of the global economic crisis, now we host 140+ events across North America, Europe & Asia. We love creating dynamic brand experiences for clients, enabling new & existing customers to engage with your brand at both local and global scales.

Part creative studio, part production warehouse, with a dash of tech wizardry. We pull together multiple resources (think event organisers, website developers & managers, marketing managers, ticketing agents, chairpeople & moderators, film crews, interview hosts, writers & bloggers, and much much more) and create exciting, engaging and educational corporate events.

The sky really is the limit here, we can provide proposals to meet your RFP requirements and specifications. Bullet pointed below are a few key items we would use to kick off the discussion:

  • Event topic What is the event name? What is the strapline? What is your core message?
  • Event format Conference, tradeshow, workshop, funfair? Including an afternoon of golf, a drinks cruise, an office tour?
  • Content Keynote presentations, panel sessions, workshops, roundtable discussions, 1-2-1 meetings, speed networking?
  • Where & when What city? What time of year? Half day, full day, or multiple day event?
  • Who & how many What is your target audience? How many attendees?
  • Venue 5* hotel, old movie theatre, secluded resort, university campus, conference center. You name it, we’ll find it.


Reach Decision Makers At Their Desks

Webinars, webcasts, web conferences, on-demand videos. Whatever you choose to call it, Innovation Enterprise will market it. You create the message, we do the rest. At the end of the campaign you’re provided with a complete list of engaged and qualified leads.

A typical webinar will include a 6 week promotion schedule of emails, social media, and online advertising to drive traffic and produce leads.

We can, if needed, recruit industry speakers to talk on your chosen subject, and we provide an in-house moderator to lead the live session. Innovation Enterprise will host and market your webinar to any audience channel of your choice.

Sponsored Webinar

  • Choose to sponsor one of Innovation Enterprise’s many in-house webinars.
  • 80 qualified leads with full contact info (name, title, company, email, phone, address) provided.
  • Ability to purchase additional soft leads at 20% discount - no commitment required.

Standard Webinar Package

  • You set the topic and provide the speaker.
  • 100 qualified leads with full contact info (name, title, company, email, phone, address) provided.
  • Ability to purchase additional soft leads at 20% discount - no commitment required

Premium Webinar Package

  • You set the topic and provide one speaker, we provide a second industry speaker.
  • 150 qualified leads with full contact info (name, title, company, email, phone, address) provided.
  • Ability to purchase additional soft leads at 30% discount - no commitment required.

PackagesGuaranteed LeadsPrice
Sponsored Webinar100$8,000
Standard Webinar Package200$10,000
Premium Webinar Package100$14,000


Provide us with a content piece and we’ll do the rest! All you have to do is send an industry whitepaper or strategic report and we take it from there. A typical 100 lead campaign takes 4-6 weeks, and delivers an engaged audience of readers direct to your inbox.

Innovation Enterprise will host and market your whitepaper to any audience channel of your choice.

Starter Whitepaper Package

  • Exclusive one-time package available for new clients.
  • Up to two whitepapers promoted for three months.
  • 30 qualified leads with full contact info (name, title, company, email, phone, address) provided.
  • Ability to purchase additional 30 soft leads at 20% discount - no commitment required.

Standard Whitepaper Package

  • Up to two whitepapers promoted for three months.
  • 100 qualified leads with full contact info (name, title, company, email, phone, address) provided.
  • Ability to purchase additional 50 soft leads at 20% discount - no commitment required.

Premium Whitepaper Package

  • Up to three whitepapers promoted for one year.
  • 160 qualified leads with full contact info (name, title, company, email, phone, address) provided.
  • Ability to purchase additional 100 soft leads at 30% discount - no commitment required.

PackagesGuaranteed LeadsPrice
Starter Whitepaper Package30$3,000
Standard Whitepaper Package100$8,000
Premium Whitepaper Package160from $12,000

Direct Email Marketing

An Engaged Audience Of Budget Holders & Decision Makers

At Innovation Enterprise we pride ourselves on the quality and activity of our data. Boasting over 2 million fully opted in and qualified leads across Analytics, Big Data, Finance, Operations, Innovation, Digital and Strategy.

  • Email campaign to a targeted selection of our database.
  • Dedicated client manager throughout the campaign.
  • Promote brands, products, services, webinars and events.
  • Detailed reporting with analytics provided post campaign.
  • Maximize your exposure through connected social media promotion, digital advertising, print advertising and live summits.

What are the Benefits

  • Control over your email content, we will create HTML or plain text emails for you or you can provide us with exactly what you want our audience to see.
  • Control over your audience, we have complex and thorough segmentation capabilities to target the exact demographics you require.
  • Full analytical deep dive data, allowing you to pinpoint areas of success and build on these.
Minimum OrderPrice
5000 Leads£5,000
Custom OrderAvailable on request


What research programs are you undertaking this year? What do you need to know about your target audience? Whether it be market research, audience polling, beta testing or new product releases, Innovation Enterprise can provide complete survey and polling services.

Innovation Enterprise will host and share your survey to our audience through both online and email marketing.

Standard Surveyup to 6 substantive50$5,000
Premium Surveyup to 8 substantive + 2 demographic100$10,000

Successful market surveys ask the right questions. The survey should be simple to complete, using Yes/No questions wherever possible. Short questions work best if included at the end of the survey. Innovation Enterprise can, if required, provide incentivised surveys - typical incentives for completion include gift cards, membership to Innovation Enterprise On Demand, complimentary conference tickets, etc.

Additional audience filters are available from +$1,000 per filter (subject to availability and minimum audience number thresholds)

Lead Bank

Whether it be through live events & conferences, online articles & news, email marketing services or social media outreach, Innovation Enterprise generates a vast number of leads every month (we’re talking 15,000+ most months). This data is valuable, very, very valuable.

Each month we can silo up to 3,000 surplus leads. These leads typically originate from a number of different programs, including:

  • Surplus leads generated through sponsored digital marketing & lead-gen programs.
  • Leads generated through event & conference marketing programs.
  • Leads generated through vendor & supplier directories (these folks are often the hottest leads!).
  • Leads generated through Innovation Enterprise On Demand and the Innovation Enterprise Academy.

Depending on where the lead originated from, it will generally be considered warm for 7-14 days. During this period we make these exclusively available to existing sponsors, partners & clients for direct purchase.

Soft Lead Purchase

  • Ability to purchase raw or excess leads from previous or existing Innovation Enterprise programs.
  • Full contact details provided: name, title, company, email, phone (where provided), address (where provided).
  • Minimum order: 50 leads (unless part of a current partnership / sponsorship package)

Email Marketing

We pride ourselves in the quality, quantity, accuracy and activity of our data. Through careful qualification and strategic usage, our data has become one of our most valued assets.

Our fully opt-in data includes (mostly) business email addresses, and allows us to engage our audience through direct email marketing on daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on each user’s preference settings.

One-touch Email Campaign

  • One HTML or rich text message sent.
  • Up to two audience filters provided (subject to availability and minimum audience number thresholds).
  • Minimum order: 5,000 names.

Two-touch Email Campaign

  • Initial HTML or rich text message sent.
  • Follow-up messages sent (one message to open, one message to non-open).
  • Up to two audience filters provided (subject to availability and minimum audience number thresholds).
  • Minimum order: 5,000 names.

Social Media

Let us amplify your brand and drive traffic to your content through our social media platforms.

  • LinkedIn: 1x weekly featured conversation within main group (140,000 members and growing).
  • Twitter: 2x tweets from main account and 2x tweets from Channel account.
  • Facebook: 1x post from main account.
  • Google+: 1x post from main account.

Strategic Partnership Team

For further information on all Partnership Opportunities contact...

GilesGiles Godwin-Brown
Head of Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorship Sales
+1 415 692 5498 US
+44 203 868 0314 UK
LinLin Duan
Head of APAC Sponsorship
+852 5808 1640 HK
EmilyEmily Kutchinsky
Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorship Sales
+1 415 800 3561 US
+44 203 868 0024 UK
PedroPedro Yiakoumi
Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorship Sales
+1 415 992 5658 US
+44 203 868 0512 UK
AndrewAndrew Christofi
Sales Executive
+1 415 315 9533 US
+44 203 868 0038 UK
CharlotteCharlotte Murren
Sales Executive
+1 415 231 2207 US
+44 203 318 1885 UK


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