Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 9

The World Cup Special 2014


Welcome to this issue of Sports Performance & Tech.

As the World Cup in Brazil is now well under-way, we want- ed to bring you some of the lat- est innovations being used over there. The main area that this issue will be concentrating on is the use of new technologies in injury prevention, an issue that is vital in this tournament.

With teams playing in hot, hu- mid conditions the chances of injury are increased as fatigue can onset much quicker. There- fore Paulo Oppermann looks at the ways in which technol- ogy is helping to improve inju- ry prevention in soccer as well as other sports. Dan Peterson also looks at how new technol- ogies could have allowed some of the stars not available to be playing, and how those there can monitor themselves to pre- vent future injuries.

In addition to these, Simon Barton talks to Tom Legg from the Craig Bellamy Foundation to follow up on their analytical approach to coaching young players. We also look at how the CIES Football Observatory report on player valuation uses data to put a price on a play- er’s head.

We discuss the use of new tech-

nologies in the NFL and junior American Football leagues fol- lowing the court cases against the NFL from former players.

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