Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 8

Where we take an in-depth look at how analytics are used in Soccer


Welcome to this issue of Sports Performance & Tech.

As the Premier League in Eng- land comes to a close for an- other season and we look for- ward to the World Cup in Brazil, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look at the ways in which analytics are being used in soccer.

There is controversy around the world surrounding the use of new technologies in football, but as commonly found, we are seeing that benefits are out- weighing the drawbacks. The number of mistakes both on and off the field that could be solved through the use of new technologies and techniques are creating compelling argu- ments for the introduction of these technologies.

On the pitch, we are seeing that the most successful man- agers are the ones who have adapted analytics and deep dive data to make tactical de- cisions based on more that just what their opponents have done in their previous match. Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino, for instance are two advocates of this kind of preparation.

Away from pitches and sta- diums, analytics are playing

a part in gambling in football. Companies such as Bloomb- erg sport are putting together models to allow for predictions to be made on the outcome of matches, tournaments and leagues. The truth about these is that although they are cur- rently roughly accurate, their true strengths lie in that fact that, as they gather more in- formation they become more accurate. This could lead to mil- lions of variables being availa- ble to make anomalous results very difficult to predict.

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