Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 15

Where we discuss the importance of collaboration in sport


Welcome to Issue 15 of Sports Performance & Tech.

One of the reasons that we started the magazine in 2013 was because when talking to those within sports analytics and technology they told us that there was nowhere to share new innovations. There was a small, but increasingly vocal group who wanted to share and learn from others.

In the two years since then, we have seen more collaboration and sharing, with the practice increasing even further than many sensed it would. From organization to organization and even those who work outside of sport, many are incorporating their unique skillsets to benefit those working in sport directly.

To celebrate this transition we have included a section discussing the importance of collaboration within sport today. We have spoken to two companies who have collaborated with Team Sky, Wahoo and Jaguar Land Rover, about how and why they worked together.

We also look at why collaboration has lost the faux pas that it once had and allowed organizations to effectively work together for the greater good.

In addition to this we also have the second part of our interview series where we ask five of the top minds in sports technology about their thoughts on collaboration with technology companies. 

Elsewhere, we also hear from David Tran about the use of analytics in F1 and why the success or failure of a team can depend on how they are using their data.

David Barton tells us about how analytics have changed the way people are playing cricket and how the use of increasingly complex systems at the top of the sport

are having a positive impact on its lower leagues.

As we move into a more high-tech future, we look at how virtual reality now has a part to play in training athletes at all levels of American Football.

James Ovenden also talks us through the use of analytics in soccer through a case study of Brentford in the English championship and their new data minded owner.

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