Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 10

Where we look at how to coach through the use of data


Welcome to this issue of Sports Performance & Tech.

The first thing I am sure you have all noticed is that, in the longer-than-normal gap between issues, we have undergone a revamp of the magazine. Thanks to the work of Joe Sanderson, Sports Performance & Tech is now looking better than ever.

Another reason for the long gap is that we are moving to
a bi-monthly model, meaning that we will have a magazine coming out every two months. The reasons for this is that we are in the final stages of developing our new websites, which will bring you more content than ever before. It is worth watching this space for all developments on that.

This edition looks at the use of analytics in coaching, looking at new products that are helping to create the next generation of data driven coaches and informed athletes. From the use of wearable technologies, to the abundance of new static technology, we wanted to bring you the latest ideas in this area.

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