FP&A Innovation, Issue 7

We look at some of the biggest issues facing FP&A


We are now in Q2 of the financial year, and the world of finance continues to be as turbulent as ever, with the aftershocks of the financial crisis still being felt to this day.

In this month’s edition, we look at the issues that the modern CFO is facing, and the new technologies that can help them to address these.

The UK Government has classified cyber security as a ’tier 1’ threat, on a par with international terrorism. Aaron Fraser examines how cyber attacks are impacting on finance, and whether companies and governments are doing enough to prevent them.

Big Data analytics means big breaches if a cyber attack does take place. It could also mean big opportunities though. I take a look at how analytics can help banks, why they seem to be slower to adopt data science than other industries, and whether their reasoning is warranted.

Beset by problems, banking needs to be employing the best talent available, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that there just isn’t that much out there. Amy Hill looks at why this is, and offers some possible solutions.

FP&A and S&OP are both vital processes for companies to get right, but unfortunately, they often approach them in the wrong way. Emma Taylor debates which one plays a more important role in an organization’s success.Microfinance companies have risen to prominence over the last few years. Kirsty Donovan discusses their rise, and whether this can be maintained given some of the criticisms being leveraged at them.

With the amount of disruption being seen in finance, it seems only a matter of time before cash becomes extinct. Abigail Fletcher evaluates the future of digital money, and whether it can really supplant cash in day-to-day financial transactions.

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James Ovenden

Managing Editor


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