FP&A Innovation, Issue 5

In this edition we take a look at how the finance function is being affected by CSR


Welcome to this edition of FP&A Innovation.

The finance department has never been so crucial to a company’s success, with the function taking on new strategic responsibilities.

The sophistication of data collection tools has made the finance department a far slicker machine, but the use of algorithms has also meant that the effectiveness of established roles such as financial advisors have come under scrutiny.

Aaron Fraser will explore this and will determine whether technology is now more effective at spotting market fluctuations than financial advisors.

With the CFO second only to the CEO in many organisations, Dan Miller takes us through his top-four to look out for in 2015.

In addition to this, we will determine how falling oil prices are affecting the global economy and also see how the CFO can affect corporate social responsibility.

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