Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 8

Where we talked about every digital in strategy from social media to content strategies


Welcome to this edition for Chief Strategy Officer.

This edition is dedicated to digital strategies and the ways in which companies are utilizing digital products and online services to improve business output.

Digital strategies today go into more than social media, they look at everything from website design to the devices used by employees and we look at some of these key issues in this issue.

Michaela Jeffery-Morrison looks at how the way that companies are looking at online content strategies is changing, and the way they should be looking at it in the future.

As the idea of Bring Your Own Device spreads to more and more companies, we take a look at the pros and cons surrounding this sometimes controversial practice.

With digital strategies offering us more breadth than ever to experiment and work in an agile way, we investigate how people are measuring their successes and how this should be impacting their future strategies.

Claire Walmsley takes us through the ways in which companies are looking at their UX and UI for websites in more detail than ever before. With the increasing use of mobile and tablet, how is this changing?

Susan Varty, Managing Partner at HeadStart Social, talks to us about the importance of social media and buy in throughout the company to create future success.


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