Chief Strategy Officer Issue 17

Where we look at the millenial identity crisis for marketing departments


Welcome to the 17th edition of Chief Strategy Officer.

In this edition, we hear from a number of thought leaders in company strategy. Anthony J James provides insight on whether the Millennials are going through an image crisis at the moment, and how recent research proves that they are one of the most diverse demographics. He looks into how this affects company strategy, and what can be done to target them as effectively as possible.

We also hear from Anthony Alfidi - the founder and CEO of Alfidi Capital - who draws on his own personal experiences within company strategy, and describes how he’s seen the creative process flourish.

Everyone seems to be looking to the startup model for guidance on how a company should be run. But considering that 90% of them fail, has the term ‘startup’ actually become an adjective for an office which promotes open communication? We ask if multinationals can really learn anything from startups.

Starbucks is the world’s most successful coffee chain. Did you know that you can now drive from Boston to Philadelphia and never be more than 10 miles away from one? Despite this dominance, they’ve made the bold decision to diversify into the highly challenging restaurant industry. This article examines whether Starbucks’s new strategy can bring them even more success.

China proved to be a step too far for Twitter, Google and Facebook. But LinkedIn is bucking the trend, and proving that it is possible to make a success of a social network in the world’s most populous country. In this article, we analyze how they’ve done this and the strategies that have got them to where they are today.

In addition to this, we look atwhether there’s a diversity problem within the Venture Capital industry, and if the industry has been getting away with it for too long.

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