Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 16

In this issue we look at how to hire the right people and Reddit's strategy


Welcome to the 16th edition of Chief Strategy Officer.

We’re now more than half way through 2015. It’s a time when companies take stock of how their strategies have affected their second quarter results. In line with this, we look at how Nike has been using growth strategies to improve its recent results.

Company strategies live and die by the people who execute them. While there aren’t many offices that can truly say that they haven’t employed a few bad eggs, Michaela Jeffery Morrison takes a look at the negative traits companies should be avoiding.

We also take a look at Reddit, one of the world’s most visited websites with 169 unique monthly visitors. The site has built up a loyal fan base who are keen to protect its meritocracy. Ellen Pao - who was recently dismissed as the company’s CEO - has caused some unrest, however, and we ask whether her strategies could have affected the social network’s long-term future.

The United Nations’ International Labour Organization released a report earlier this year which states that the global unemployment rate is going to increase over the next five years. Yet some cities still offer opportunities. In this month’s magazine we take a look at three cities which continue to have thriving job markets despite the problems experienced by the cities around them.

In addition to this, we also look at how companies can write engaging content for the Millennials and also the relationship between an organization’s content and brand.

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Simon Barton

Managing Editor


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