Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 14

This edition tackles workplace diversity in Silicon Valley


Welcome to the 14th edition of the Chief Strategy Officer magazine.

This issue will attempt to answer some of the questions that strategists are faced with everyday.

In this edition we have put together a section dedicated to workplace diversity which will look at equality in the workplace and what companies should be doing to narrow the inequality gap which exists between certain sections of society.

Currently, only 4.8% of women hold the position of CEO in S&P 500 companies and Harriet Connolly takes us through the level of progress we’ve seen since the Beijing Declaration in 1995.

Additionally, we examine the cliché ‘the customer is king’ and the impact that social media has had on consumers sphere of influence.

Today’s business environment is more volatile than it’s ever been, with dangers appearing from a wide array of angles. Simon Barton analyses the most prominent of these and determines how strategists can implement initiatives to help their companies thrive.

Many predicted that online shopping would take over bricks and mortar retailers. Yet despite the increasing popularity of companies such as Amazon, the high-street is still a central cog in the shopping experience. In this edition we take a look at how the two environments can be fused to benefit one another.

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George Hill 

Managing Editor 


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