Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 10

Where we talked about everything surround HR strategies


Welcome to this edition of Chief Strategy Officer.

This issue is concentrating on HR strategies, something that is often under-appreciated in companies today.

Without an effective HR function, the hiring and management of employees often falls by the wayside and overall company objectives suffer as a result. An effective HR function, where employees can feel empowered and respected is often as important than the sales department or teams at the core of company operations.

Without them the risk of losing important employees is increased as their progress, renumeration and overall satisfaction can often be overlooked. This is why having an effective overall strategy for an HR department is now more important than ever.

With increases in the use of data and analytics in the HR function across larger companies, the chance to create great HR strategies has never been higher. This also allows the HR department to become active in the wider business goals of the company, tracking employee progress and allowing them to prosper in the correct departments.

With the importance of this role and the elements of it that are often missed, we thought that it was important to look at this division of companies and how HR strategies can be improved moving forward.

Regular readers of the magazine may have noticed the longer than usual interval since the last issue. The reason for this is that we are moving to a bi-monthly schedule, which will allow us to create better content within the magazines as well as launch a new website, which allows us to produce content every day. 


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