Chief Innovation Officer, Issue 5

Where we look at Uber, Google and the demise of cars in cities


Welcome to the fifth edition of Chief Innovation Officer.

First of all, thank you for all the great feedback received for CINO’s last edition. Innovation continues to be top of many company wish-lists. In line with this, we cover some of the space’s most interesting developments and how they could help your company’s processes.

Businesses don’t often agree about the best way to innovate. Google, for example, prefers to adopt a ‘moonshot’ approach - where innovations are brought to the market rapidly - while Apple bides its time, looking at innovation from a continuous standpoint. We ask whether this continuous approach should be the way forward for your company.

Richard Angus also examines whether the Apple Watch has failed. Analyzing its release from a number of different perspectives, he looks at whether the watch’s uninspiring sales figures should be disregarded due to the product’s potential as a platform for future iterations.

Additionally, James Ovenden investigates if the decision made by a Californian Labor Commissioner, which states that Uber’s drivers are employees instead of contractors, is going to have an impact on the app’s future.

We also evaluate Ford’s new approach to self-driving cars and the chances of them being available on the market in the not too distant future.

To add to this, we look at whether Google’s vigorous recruitment process is stopping it from employing innovative minds. Whilst Rebecca Thomson, who’s organizing our Product Innovation Summit, analyzes if cars will soon have no place in cities.

We hope you enjoy the magazine, it has been created to help spread new ideas within innovation and amongst Chief Innovation Officers, so if you have any feedback please get in touch with me at

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Simon Barton

Managing Editor


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