Chief Innovation Officer, Issue 3

In this edition we look at the development of AI and its impact on sleep coaching


Welcome to the third edition of Chief Innovation Officer.

On the back of our first two successful instalments, this edition will cover a wide range of topics across innovation.

Hong Kong was once heralded as Asia’s innovation capital but in recent years more and more organizations have moved their operations to Singapore to take advantage of the city’s resources.

Lin Duan examines why the city-state has become an innovation-hub and the impact that this is likely to have on the region.

We also take a look at the development of Artificial Intelligence and how this is allowing innovators to create communities such as which create online versions of people after they’ve died.

Additionally, we take a look at how innovation is affecting sleep patterns. We are now seeing the emergence of ‘sleep coaches’ and we will determine whether this is a fad or something that we should all be getting excited about.

We also hear from Malcolm Rowlings who attempts to dispel the myth that smaller companies are disorganized and sloppy by nature.

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Simon Barton

Managing Editor


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