Chief Digital Officer, Issue 1

Where we look at the importance of UX and gender specific marketing


Anyone involved in digital will be so accustomed to the notion of ‘going digital’ that it’ll probably bore them even reading it. The necessity of digital transformation will by now have been impressed on even the most stubborn of boardrooms, with businesses making oftentimes clunky steps toward digital proficiency, and any company that neglects that shift will be left to gather dust.

As digital’s importance has become recognized - or, in many cases, accepted - so has the importance of the CDO within an organization. This year has seen many major incumbents appointing CDOs for the first time, however belatedly, and the role is pushing its way into the boardroom as CEOs realize just how intimately tied corporate strategy and digital now must be.

And changes within business reflect developments in the wider world. Over 46% of the world’s population now have access to the internet, compared with just 25% as recently as 2009. Digital technology is sweeping into emerging markets, and the companies furthest down the road of digital transformation will almost invariably find themselves agile enough to outmanoeuvre the competition.

Naturally, the shift to mobile has made the job of the CDO even more multifaceted. Data consumed on mobile recently overtook that of desktop, video content is now the primary medium for customer engagement, and companies have had to either respond to the changing habits of their customers or risk being left behind. The job of the CDO is not one of revolution - particularly within larger organizations for which change is more taxing - rather it is one of steering the ship, ensuring the company sticks to its vision, and overseeing the proper use of data and analytics to drive decision making.

In this issue, we look at the importance of UX to digital publishers, whether large banks can properly achieve digital transformation and the CDOs role in

achieving permanent transformation. We also assess the sustainability of the digital revolution and the veracity of the generally accepted idea that ‘going digital’ is an environmentally friendly move.

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