Big Data Innovation, Issue 17

Where we look at how Big Data is being used in design


Welcome to Issue 17 of Big Data Innovation.

We are now beyond midway in 2015 and it has become clear that the influence of data driven initiatives this year has had significant impacts on how businesses and society operates. From the adoption of senior data roles in governments, through to the significant roles it is now playing in healthcare.

This edition looks at many of the issues we are facing in the world today that are being fought with data from the streets to the boardrooms. One of the main challenges that data is dealing with today, is the disenchantment that many have with it after the initial hype. We therefore investigate whether we need to look at Big Data 2.0 as we move away from the initial promise.

Despite this relative disengagement from the initial promise of Big Data, we are seeing that spend is increasing. Gabrielle Morse takes us through the reasons for this growth in spending and what it may mean for the future.

James Ovenden looks at how Big Data is taking a leading role in the fight against ISIS and their recruitment of young and impressionable people across the world.

Hayley Law tells us about some of the key issues that is stopping Big Data getting bigger in many companies today. Paul Thompson from Periscope takes us through the processes of optimization needed in companies, moving beyond the data being used. Whilst Chris

Towers also talks us through how Big Data is being used to inform designers and companies when developing new products.

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