Big Data Innovation, Issue 16

Where we discuss Big Data in healthcare and how to choose the correct system


Welcome to Issue 16 of Big Data Innovation.

Following the success of our Big Data San Jose events, we are pleased to bring you the latest issue of the magazine.

Much has happened in the world of Big Data in the last few years. We have seen companies that were non-existent 5 years ago now worth billions, and others cementing their position as industry leaders thanks to their adoption of a data driven approach.

One thing has stayed the same throughout, which is that choosing the correct system on which to work is as difficult now as it has ever been. Chris Towers takes time out from organizing the San Jose events to discuss the three golden rules that companies need to follow when making this choice.

As well as its use in big business, we are also investigating how Big Data is having an impact on other areas of our lives. We therefore take a look at how Big Data is affecting healthcare through Laura Denham and investigate whether data could help scientists do the impossible and predict earthquakes.

We also look at why, despite companies now having more data than ever before, many are not operating at their full data driven potential.

DJ Patil has also been appointed as the Chief Data Scientist for the US government. Gabrielle Morse discusses his appointment, why it came at the perfect time and how the White House have made a great appointment in choosing DJ for this role.

After his recent well received articles in the magazine and on the channels website, we are also pleased to welcome Matthew Reaney back to write about Big Data and wearable technology at work.

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Managing Editor

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