Big Data Innovation, Issue 15

Where we look at the top 30 in Big Data


Welcome to Issue 15 of Big Data Innovation.

We have seen such huge leaps in the way that Big Data is used across the last 5 years that we often forget about the things that started and grew this now burgeoning industry.

Despite this, it has hit the big screen and even won an Oscar this year after Alan Turing (arguably the original data scientist) had his work on breaking the enigma code made into ‘The Imitation Game’. I doubt many were thinking about the future implications when watching Benedict Cumberbatch though.

There has also been huge media coverage from the use of data in the NSA, GCHQ to the hacking of some of the world’s largest companies. As well as the plights of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange after their efforts using data that was leaked or stolen.

With this background we have put together a list of the 30 most influential people in modern Big Data. We could have gone back further than we did and I am sure that many of you would argue that others should be included.

However, from working within the industry and talking to several key players in the field

we are happy with the list and present it to you within this issue of the magazine.

We discuss data governance, the issues with Big Data use and the NSA vs Facebook and Google debate.

Laura Denham also revisits the predictions we made at the start of the year about how we thought Big Data would change in 2015. As we are now nearly 5 months in, she wanted to highlight some additional insights that we believe will be making an impact in the next year.

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