Big Data Innovation, Issue 14

The Big Data jobs special, talking all things employment


Welcome to the first issue of 2015.

As we begin another year with Big Data, we are again likely to see an increase in the number of companies looking to implement new data programmes. This requires personnel and expertise, something that has been lacking within the industry since its inception.

However, we are seeing an increasing number of Data Scientists who have been able to find vacancies. This has meant that companies who have never hired for a data science position are interviewing Data Scientists who have never had a data science job.

To help this, we have brought you a section dedicated to finding a job in data science and how to find the right candidate for any vacancies you may have.

These include articles on how Big Data is creating jobs, how to interview a Data Scientist, the 10 questions to ask in the interview and much more.

In addition to this Lee Baker asks if statistics are dead, and if they are has data science replaced them?

We also look at how to begin a data programme at a startup, whether you are using Hadoop properly and if Hadoop is better on-site or in the cloud.

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