Analytics Innovation, Issue 1

The first issue of our Analytics Innovation Magazine, including how Big Data can help defeat ISIS, and Barack Obama's election strategy


We have seen the readership of our website grow significantly over the past year, and for all of you familiar with it, we hope that you have enjoyed the content. For those of you who have yet to visit us, you can do so at

This is the first issue of our analytics magazine, which we’ve created as part of our constant drive to share ideas in the field. Subsequently, we’ve aimed to provide you with articles covering a range of topics, and demonstrate how analytics is being applied across a variety of industries - from the everyday, to the more unusual.

Hollywood has come in for criticism over recent years because of the number of sequels and remakes being put out, but how else can they predict whether a film will be a hit? Sam Button asks if social media analytics can help.

We also have insight from Euan Hunter, who looks into how analytics were used in the last two U.S. elections, and what this is likely to mean for 2016.

Working through mountains of unstructured text is a massive challenge for any company, and Elliot Pannaman investigates whether Text Analytics can provide the necessary tools.

The ISIS situation in Syria and Iraq is ongoing, and the terror level is severe. I look at whether big data analytics could be the tool that turns the tide?

In a fast paced world, companies now need their information ahead of time if they are to stay competitive. Olivia Timson looks at how predictive analytics can help achieve this.

David Barton asks whether consumers should be concerned with data privacy, and what retailers can do to ease their fears.

In addition to this, I look at one of the stranger test cases for how analytics is being put to use: the adult film industry.

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James Ovenden

Managing Editor


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