Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 7

Where we talked to NASA and YP whilst also finding out how GE are speeding up their innovation


Welcome to this edition of Chief Strategy Officer.

One of the issues that has been bandied around for years is the concept of innovation and ultimately its importance in successful businesses. From Apple to Zappos, companies who have broken new innovative ground have found that they business success.

Ahead of the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in London, we wanted to discuss the various ways that companies are innovating today and setting themselves apart from the crowd to gain business success. With this in mind we have dedicated half of this issue to discussing how companies are innovating.

We see how GE are speeding up their innovation after a presentation from Alex Tepper, Global Director of Innovation at the company.

As NASA has begun to be seen as a money pit since it’s heyday 30 years ago, we look at how Rebecca Keiser, Deputy Administrator for Strategy and Policy has been working to reassert the organization and focus on the issues that it now faces.

YP and Yelp have had considerable success individually over the last few years, however we see how an innovative new partnership could make this success a collaborative one.

In addition to this, we have a brilliant article from Simon Barton on the ways that Spotify are identifying and utilizing their customer’s listening habits to improve their own performance whilst also increasing the listening enjoyment of their customers.

As we see social media become more important than ever before, Nicole Stagg from Stagg Digital gives us her views on current trends.

Richard Angus also looks at the differing strategies from Amazon and Netflix as they go head-to-head in the instant film and TV market.

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