Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 5

Where we look forward to the strategy trends likely to happen in 2014


Welcome to the first edition of Chief Strategy Officer of 2014.

We want to use 2014 to build on our success and help share new strategic ideas and thinking to even more people. Having gone from an idea in April last year to now working with a global readership in the tens of thousands, we hope to spread new strategic ideas even further.

We have kicked off this year with a bang and have some great stories in this issue.

Simon Barton looks at what we think will be the biggest changes in strategy in the next 12 months, including geographical targeting, wearable technologies and digital currencies.

We look at how the use of business analytics can have a dramatic effect on the ways that companies look at their strategies and how they are targeting customers.

As shared workspaces become more popular in company strategies, we investigate the good and bad of this new working plan.

Collaboration is something that is not necessarily always looked at favourably in today’s business world as companies look to gain an edge over competitors. Lisa Renner talks to us about why this isn’t conducive to success and puts her case forward for wider collaboration.

We also talk to Price Floyd, VP of Communications at BAE about the use of digital media in modern communications and how a company like BAE uses it.


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