Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 4

Where we discuss Tribal Strategies and Data in Strategy


Welcome to this issue of Chief Strategy Officer.

We are seeing the numbers of people looking at the magazine increase with each edition due to everybody sharing it and people finding the content interesting and engaging. I have had several emails in the past few weeks from happy readers, so thank you to everyone who is helping to spread the magazine.

In this issue we are looking at several issues currently affecting those working within strategy as well as some of the most innovative approaches to strategy.

Anthony Willoughby discusses one of the most inventive and original approaches to strategy that we have ever seen, including input from African tribes and their local knowledge.

We hear about influencing the perception of a strategy both internally and externally with Michaela Jeffery-Morrison.

Krista Treide talks to Yulia Ivanova about her experiences creating brand strategies for some of the largest companies in the world over the last 25 years.

Growth Strategy CEO Wayne Simmons discusses strategy automation, a new and exciting area thantmany companies are now exploring.

Big data strategies are making a big impact on many companies around the world, we look at how missing out on this could cost companies dearly in the future.


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