Big Data Innovation, Issue 5

Issue 5 looks at how companies are bridging the skills gap and an exclusive interview with Stephen Wolfram


Welcome to this issue of Big Data Innovation.

We appreciate all of the emails since the last issue showing your appreciation for the magazines and the kind of content that we are producing.

In this issue we are discussing everything from the state of big data education through to the recent Gartner report and its effect on the industry.

This month we have also seen the NSA and GCHQ data scandal hitting headlines again. Senior members of both the US and UK governments have come out to express their disappointment at how information has been collected. This could well be the wake up call that the rate of technology development could have negative results in the long term if it is not correctly policed.

Companies have a role to play in this, making sure that the ways in which their data is collected is both ethical and transparent. People are increasingly worried about the ways in which their data is being collected and used, transparency is the way to alleviate these fears.

This may not always be possible, but if there is a backlash against data collection then this will not only effect the ways in which companies are using their data, but how society views big data in general.

It is up to those using these technologies to make sure that their data collection is ethical and that the individuals who's information is held are aware of the benefits.

We hope that through publications like this, that best practices can be shared and we can make sure that Big Data grows in to the game changer that we all know it can be.


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